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Our Practice

Our practice is devoted to serving the needs of executives, professionals and senior managers regarding career navigation and negotiation.

We have not in the past, and we do not now, offer our services to employers. We are therefore immune from most conflicts of interest.


We offer confidential initial telephone consultations for prospective clients regarding opportunities and issues that have arisen or may arise in the course of their employment. Our practice is worldwide and has included nearly all industries and sectors. Upon prior authorization, on an as-needed basis, we may use the services of attorneys with allied practices, including taxation, immigration, intellectual property and litigation.

Brief telephone calls with Mr. Sklover are provided without charge, but counsel, advice and direction are not provided during such calls. Confidential Telephone Consultations, lasting approximately one hour, are available for a fee of US $550, prepaid by credit card. (Prior document review is available without additional charge upon payment of the consultation fee.) Arrangements can be made with Ms. Vanessa Mustapha at 212.757.5000 or by email to


Our most significant “value-add” to clients is our deep knowledge, experience and expertise in negotiating employment matters and resolving employment disputes at the executive, professional and senior management levels. We are particularly adept at preemptively (i) identifying, assessing and reducing, if not eliminating, “risks,” (ii) enhancing the varied potential “rewards,” and (iii) clarifying “roles.”

In employment separations, we are devoted to confidentially achieving the best possible timing, terms and tone of departure/transition, while preserving the most valuable of career interests, namely, revenues, relationships and reputations. We are devoted to resolving clients’ disputes through principle-based negotiation if possible, without the significant risks of the litigation process. (We can refer to appropriate litigation counsel in most cases.)


Becoming a client of our firm requires the execution of a Retention Agreement, a form of which is available for review upon request.
Continuing clients need not do so, and enjoy occasional consultations on potential opportunities and issues, without charge.

“If you live your life the right way, your later years will not be a winter, but rather, a harvest.”

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