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Coaching for Non-Transactional Matters

Difficult Relations, Misconduct/Performance Issues, Career Transitions, Perplexing Problems

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”
– Roy Disney

Most of our work is transactional in nature – hiring, relation resets, departure.

For those facing perplexing work- or career-related issues that call for more than a single telephone consultation, and that do not call for our direction interaction with your employer, we offer continuing consultations with a targeted goal, what we call “Coaching Through Crisis.”

Examples include:

  • Internal “Turf Battles” with Colleagues
  • Leaving Corporate for Academia, or Vice Versa
  • Establishing Your Own Consultancy
  • Investigations of Alleged Company Misconduct that Might Ensnare You
  • Bully-Boss, @MeToo and other Sensitive Workplace Dilemmas
  • Serious Illness of the Client or His/Her Family Member
  • Loss of Significant Responsibilities and/or Opportunities
  • Avoiding Repeated Career Missteps
  • “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” Decisions

Included: “Coaching Through Critical Times” services include: Ongoing efforts to establish a clear end-goal, setting objectives and timetables, helping create a clear narrative and assemble documents and emails, etc., discussion of navigation and negotiation steps, all to best “tell your story” or “make your best decision.”

Method of Engagement

Excluded: “Coaching Through Critical Times” services do not include the usual “Lawyer Services” such as review, drafting or commenting on legal documents, “ghost-writing” emails or other communications, direct interaction with employers or their attorneys, and the like. That said, those services are available on our usual hourly basis.

Fees: “Coaching Through Critical Times” fees are set to meet the individual Client’s unique needs and resources. Our most common fee arrangement is either hourly, or on a monthly fee basis, usually with a success fee.

Availability Days/Times: “Coaching Through Critical Times” consultations are done by telephone or by Zoom meetings, and may be arranged during the day, during the evening, or on weekends.

One Client described Our “Coaching Through Critical Times” This Way:

“Working with you over the last few months reminded me of my new car: it stops me if I’m headed for a front-end or rear-end collision, warns me of other cars on my left and right, and so lets me give more attention to responding to some other driver doing something stupid. Having a second set of eyes, brain and hands on the wheel made me feel so much more confident, especially when I was traveling on unfamiliar paths in unfamiliar territory. It was enormously helpful.”

Questions? If you have any questions regarding our “Coaching Through Crisis” services, please let contact us.

“If you live your life the right way, your later years will not be a winter, but rather, a harvest.”