Sklover & Company, LLC

Legal / Counsel


Mr. Sklover offers initial consultations of one hour which include presentation of a plan of action to address the problem or opportunity at hand. Initial consultations offer the opportunity to determine whether retention is warranted. Most initial consultations are by telephone. Prior review of documents is limited to ten (10) pages. The fee for an initial consultation is $550.


Mr. Sklover’s most significant value to clients is his experience and expertise in negotiation. He views a person’s perception of self-interest to be the most reliable guide to future decisions and actions. Altering that perception is usually the key to successful negotiation. Negotiations can be conducted by the executive, under Mr. Sklover’s guidance, or by Mr. Sklover, directly.


In the employment context, litigation should always be viewed as a last resort, as it is replete with financial, relational and reputational risk. Should litigation, arbitration or mediation become necessary, Mr. Sklover’s experience in these matters, supported by his team of attorneys with special expertise, are applied.