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How We Work

Client as a Person, First

Most of our clients have been with us for a number of years, during which time we have worked with them on a number of career transitions. Over that time, we come to know them as individuals, with unique values, work styles, and long-term goals. It is almost always the case that we share values, perspectives, insistence on integrity, preference for clarity and tendency toward simplicity. That is how we work best with our clients, and they with us, for mutual benefit.

Preparation and Planning

“The more data, the better the decision.” If and when we are advised that a possible transition has appeared on the horizon, we take the preemptive steps we find to be wisest, including (a) casual conversation with our clients about their thoughts, hopes and concerns, and (b) review of applicable documentation. As wise judgments take time to develop and ripen, the sooner the better is our preferred way. We assemble for each client a unique “Plan” for moving forward, to be adjusted as new “data” is received, thus as ready as possible for any circumstance that might arise.

Method of Engagement

While adjusting to each client’s preferences and circumstances, we tend to follow two general guidelines:

First, after our initial “navigation” guidance is presented to the client, he or she will often attend to negotiation of basic terms and conditions of transition in direct discussions with executive recruiters, Senior-most Management and Board Members.

Second, we then attend to review, analysis and direct negotiation of terms and conditions of  “rewards,” “risks,” and “roles” with the employer’s Legal Counsel by means of detailed written memoranda that have first been reviewed, modified if needed and approved by the client.

We are available to clients and engage in negotiations on a 7/24 basis, as needed, until the transaction has been entirely completed.

Strict Confidentiality

Strict confidentiality is perhaps the most important element of the attorney-client relation. Clients and prospective clients are therefore reminded to refrain from using their employers’ (a) email, (b) computer, or (c) cellphones, whenever communicating with us.


Between transitions and transactions, we provide occasional consultations for our continuing clients on a continuing basis, in most instances without charge. We also provide, without charge, occasional telephone consultations to the children of our continuing clients.

“If you live your life the right way, your later years will not be a winter, but rather, a harvest.”