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“I am a self-employed physician with a burgeoning consulting practice focused on biotechnology research and development. I was referred to Alan Sklover close to 10 years ago and appreciated his style – more of an educator than a warrior. During a difficult negotiation with my then employer, Alan’s coaching helped me depart on much better terms than initially offered; his support was invaluable. Since that time I have leaned on Alan’s expertise for contract negotiations, and referred numerous colleagues – all of whom sing his praises. I cannot speak highly enough of the support you will receive from Alan Sklover.”

M.S.R., New Jersey

“At several critical moments in my career, Alan and his team guided me successfully through negotiations, none of which would have been so successful without him. I have recently retired from my senior position at one of the largest commercial banks, and now look forward to something new and fun every day. I say this from the bottom of my heart: he made a big difference in my life.”

J.K., Sag Harbor, New York

“I have been a lawyer in Boston for nearly 20 years, working in some of most prestigious law firms and legal institutions.  I have known Alan Sklover for most of those years and he has been an invaluable partner to me. He has helped me successfully navigate every career transition I have had. In each instance, he went above and beyond his mandate, generously sharing his knowledge and experience to enable me to anticipate and overcome possible challenges. 

Alan is a gentleman of uncommon integrity and strength of character. He is confident without being arrogant, curious without being intrusive and enthusiastic without being overbearing. 

He is a compassionate and authentic human being who connects easily with people of diverse perspectives and experiences. He takes the time to get to know his clients; to understand what matters most to them and then artfully weaves that knowledge into the service he provides. It is enormously gratifying to work with Alan. He is a credit to his profession and an exceptional ally to his clients.”

V.E.R., Boston, MA
Senior Executive, Not-For-Profit

“For over 20 years, I have worked with Al to represent me on employment matters at seven companies, both public and private equity owned, both entry and exits, and for CEO and senior leadership roles.  I first reached out to Al to help on my exit from a company that had become contentious, learning the hard way that good lawyering at the start of a role reduces the need for lawyering when one exits a role. 

At the beginning of my last six roles, I have relied on Al for sound counsel and sometimes tough discussions with opposing counsel, which made for clear agreements that prevented problems down the road.  When I called Al out of the blue with an urgent request, he responded nights and weekends to get what I needed.  When disagreements have arisen, Al has clearly presented my options and, when necessary, fought hard for my position.  

Perhaps the acid test of a testimonial is not only whether one would continue to work with counsel (clearly yes), but also whether one would recommend counsel to family friends, and colleagues.  I have recommended Al to all and all reported back to me satisfaction with Al’s counsel and assistance.  I recommend Al to you.”

J.H., Connecticut
CEO, Private Equity, Health Services

“Al Sklover has been a trusted advisor for all seasons.  His clear way of simplifying the legal landscape, speaking honestly is very refreshing. In each of my 3 job transitions over 2 decades Al’s ability to represent me forcefully was never in doubt, as each time the outcome exceeded my expectations. Achieving good outcomes while representing me in a highly professional manner led to amicable settlements or new contracts that enhanced my reputation as an honorable reinsurance professional.

One should never underestimate a careful lawyer such as Al Sklover who is a very good listener, and the clarity of his writing is a tribute to Amherst College’s high standards. Aside from being a very good employment law lawyer, Al seems to have more than his fair share of common sense. That is often handy as a client going through employment changes which can be emotional.

I can recommend Al unreservedly as his experience and careful approach makes me feel that I am going into the contract negotiations with a steady hand  who has seen it all and is not likely to be surprised.”

R.T., New York
Senior Executive, Reinsurance

“Mr. Alan Sklover’s legal advice has been and always will be “Unforgettable”. I have known and sought Mr Sklover’s counsel for many years in many capacities. His advice has always been thoughtful, strategic, bold and most importantly, very successful in every respect. He is a gentleman, scholar – and a potent attorney.”

Y.E., C-Suite Executive
International Bank

“This life takes us down many roads, some expected, some not, some desired, some not. While I have become Family to this amazing man, professional and “career caregiver,” the genesis of our relationship sprung from one of those unexpected and undesired career roads.

I remember, at our first meeting, how skeptical I was, and how equally serene I felt after our initial time together. I could write a book on our many “adventures” together since, over 20 or 25 years, all of which have been navigated to success.

Alan has become Family to me, and to over 30 other executives I have put in his care, because he is damn near perfect in what he does, and how he comports himself while he does it. Do yourself a favor: put his contact info into your digital device, as the road can get bumpy, and he can turn that bumpy road into your own personal highway.

Best in class, in the dictionary, should have a picture of Al right next to it, because that is just what he is.”

J.G., Senior Sports Marketing Executive
New York, N.Y.

“If you live your life the right way, your later years will not be a winter, but rather, a harvest.”